Pipe Supports

Pipe Supports, Clips, Pipe Clamps, Brackets and more

Pipe Supports, Clips, Pipe Clamps, Brackets and more
Pipe Supports / Accessories Product Information

Pipe Supports are designed to carry the weight of a pipe, any in-line equipment and the material in the pipe over a defined span. The four main functions of pipe supports are to guide, anchor, absorb shock and support a specified load. Pipe supports used in high or low-temperature applications may contain insulation materials. The overall design configuration of a pipe support assembly is dependent on the loading and operating conditions. There are a number of pipe supports that can be installed to support dead-weight loads and to restrain the pipe from thermal and dynamic loads.

A wide range of pipe supports, hose clamps, pipe clamps and clips, tools and accessories including:

U Bolts (available in standard, galvanised or stainless steel)

Rubber Lined Pipe Clips

Split Band Clips

BZP Saddle

Single Munson Rings (available in standard or stainless steel)

Heavy Roller Bracket

Roller Chair and Guide

Stauff Clamps

Jubilee Clips (available in standard BZP or stainless steel)

We can also provide bespoke U Bolts made to your specific requirements, please contact us for more details

We also keep in stock Unistrut products such as:

Slotted Rail (available in standard or galvanised in 3m lengths)

Delta Base Plates

Cantilever Arms

Window Brackets

Floor Base Plates

End Caps

More information and enquiries

For more information and enquiries on any of our Tube Clamps, Pipes, or Pipe Fitting Products and Accessories please contact Proteus Fittings (Tube Clamps and Pipe Fittings specialists) on 01246 211303. We’re ready and waiting to help deal with your enquiry