Gauges and Thermometers

Thermometers & Standard / Stainless Steel Gauges calibrated upon request

Gauges, Thermometers & Standard / Stainless Steel Gauges calibrated upon request
Gauges / Thermometers Product Information

Our thermometers and pressure gauges are in use throughout the world in Industries as diverse as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, process manufacturing, refrigeration, pneumatic, hydraulic, marine and many others. We can supply standard or stainless steel gauges for the industrial sectors along with pressure and altitude gauges/thermometers for use dependencies. Our gauges can be calibrated upon request, so please enquire for full details

Our Gauges and Thermometers range includes:

Standard Gauges available with a 63mm or 100mm dial

Stainless Steel Gauges available with a 2 1/2″ or 4″ dial

Gauges can be supplied dry or glycerin filled

Pressure & Altitude Gauges, Thermometers

Variants include: Bottom, Back Entry, Panel Mount, Diaphragm & Schaffer

Gauges can be calibrated upon request

More information and enquiries

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