Great range of Tube Clamp Products including Standard Tube Clamp Fittings, Slope Tube Clamp Fittings and Swivel Tube Clamp Fittings

Tube Clamps / Pipe Clamps

Extensive Tube Clamps / Pipe Clamps in Standard / Sloped and Swivel Tube Clamps / Pipe Clamp ranges

Proteus Fittings Limited offer a full range of the most popular Tube Clamps / Pipe Clamp fittings, all held in stock along with size variations at our Chesterfield branch. Our range of handrail clamps includes Standard Tube / Pipe Clamp fittings, Swivel Tube / Pipe Clamps and Sloped Tube / Pipe Clamps/ Handrail Sets. We also stock galvanised steel tubes. This comes in various sizes and lengths to suit your individual handrail/hand railing requirements along with many other products – please see our Product Range for full details and information.

Simple and Cost Effective

Tube / Pipe Clamps are a simple and cost-effective way of creating an endless variety of tubular structures without the need for welding.

Extensive Range

Our extensive range of handrail fittings when combined with standard EN10255 tubing enables the user to create any structure imaginable for use in all manner of industries.

Quality Standards

Tube / Pipe Clamp fittings are a blackheart malleable iron casting manufactured to BS EN 1562:1997 using grade B32-10 material with a hot dipped galvanised finish to BS EN 1461:1999

All Tube / Pipe Clamp fitting are supplied with stainless steel grub screws. In order to protect any exposed threads in outdoor installations, we recommend the use of an anti-corrosion galvanising spray such as the one sold as part of our Tube / Pipe Clamp range. The grub screws can be tightened with an Allen key, however, if fully tightened using a ratchet key to a torque of 4.1kg/m (29ft/lb) the grub screw is capable of withstanding an applied slip load of 900kg.

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Standard Tube Clamps

Standard Tube Clamp fittings are a simple and cost-effective way of creating an endless variety of tubular structures without the need for welding. Combined with standard tubing enables the user to create any structure for use in all manner of industries…

Sloped Tube Clamps

Sloped Tube Clamp fittings are designed for use on access ramps or other shallow gradients between 4° – 10° and 11° – 29°.  Enabling a guardrail to be constructed along the length of the slope without the need for specially reamed out fittings or bending the tube…

Swivel Tube Clamps

Swivel Tube Clamps can be supplied in individual components, or as complete units using either a rivet or nut and bolt to join the male and female fittings together. The Swivel Range of clamps comprises the following fitting reference numbers…

DDA Fittings Range

DDA Scaffolding Tube Clamps

DDA fittings for Scaffolding have been designed to comply with the Equality Act 2010 (Formerly the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1995) and the Buildings Regulations 2010 – Part M: Access to and use of buildings…

Handrails / Pipes

Scaffolding Handrails and Pipes / Tubes

We also stock and supply a selection of galvanised handrail tubes / pipes to be used in conjunction with your scafolding q-clamp fittings – available in various sizes and lengths to suit your individual handrail requirements…

More information and enquiries

For more information and enquiries on any of our Tube Clamps, Pipes, or Pipe Fitting Products and Accessories please contact Proteus Fittings (Tube Clamps and Pipe Fittings specialists) on 01246 211303. We’re ready and waiting to help deal with your enquiry