Sloped Tube Clamps Range

Sloped Tube Clamps Product range available from Proteus Fittings Limited

The Sloped Tube Clamps Range of fittings are designed for use on access ramps or other shallow gradients between 4° - 10° and 11° - 29° enabling a guardrail to be constructed along the length of the slope without the need for specially reamed out fittings or bending the tube.

Sloped Tube Clamps / Q-clamp Slope Range 4° - 10° comprises the following reference numbers: 201, 204, 219, 225 and 232
Sloped Tube Clamps / The Q-clamp Slope Range 11° - 29° comprises the following reference numbers: 252Z, 253Z, 255Z and 256Z

Sloped Tube Clamps

Our sloped tube clamps are designed for use on surfaces with small inclines and gradients. These clamps enable structures to be made without needing to alter the pipes in order for standard clamps to fit.


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