Tube Clamp Fittings Size 2 – 33.7mm O/D – 1″ NB

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Tube Clamp Fittings Size 2 – 33.7mm O/D – 1″ NB

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Tube Clamp Fittings Size 2 – 33.7mm O/D – 1″ NB

Standard Fittings

Tube Clamp Fittings Size 2 – Please use the drop-down box for our full range of Tube Clamp Fittings.

Tube Clamps are a simple and cost-effective way of creating an endless variety of tubular structures. There is no need for welding, just an Allen Key. Using standard 1″ galvanised pipe.

Extensive Range

Our extensive range of handrail fittings will be combined with standard EN10255 tubing. This enables the user to create any structure imaginable for use in all manner of industries.

Quality Standards

Tube Clamp fittings are a blackheart malleable iron casting manufactured to BS EN 1562:1997 using grade B32-10 material with a hot-dipped galvanised finish to BS EN 1461:1999

Please note the galvanised fittings may vary in appearance (shiny, dull, mottled or smooth) this is due to the finishing process. In no way does this compromise the integrity of the product. 

All Tube Clamp fitting are supplied with stainless steel grub screws. In order to protect any exposed threads in outdoor installations, we recommend the use of an anti-corrosion galvanising spray such as the one sold as part of our Tube Clamp range. The grub screws can be tightened with an Allen key, however, if fully tightened using a ratchet key to a torque of 4.1kg/m (29ft/lb) the grub screw is capable of withstanding an applied slip load of 900kg.

Pipe Clamp / Tube Clamp / Handrail Fittings have such uses including, but not limited to the following structures:

  • Safety railings
  • Hand railings
  • Racking
  • Play areas
  • Shopping trolley bays
  • Exhibition/display stands
  • Market Stalls
  • Awnings
  • Car Ports
  • Handing rails
  • Shelving
  • Bike racks
  • Benches
  • Animal enclosures

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Galvanised Handrail

Tube Clamp Fittings Size 2 - 33.7mm O/D - 1" NB
Handrail Size RefTube Diameter (O/D)Nominal Bore (Approx)Weight Per Metre (kg)
126.9mm3/4"1.59 kg
233.7mm1"2.46 kg
342.4mm1'1/4"3.17 kg
448.3mm1'1/2"3.65 kg
560.3mm2"5.17 kg

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