Galvanised Pipe – 1.5 Metre Length

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Galvanised Handrail

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 Galvanised Pipe – 1.5 Metre Length

Galvanised pipe / Galvanised Pipe – 1.5 Metre Length is supplied in 5 different diameters to work with our Tube Clamp range. The diameter measurement is external and corresponds as such:

This handrail tube is to suit our extensive range of Tube Clamp / Handrail Fittings.  Click here to view our Tube clamps.

Tube Clamp / Handrail Fittings have such uses including, but not limited to the following structures:

  • Safety railings
  • Hand railings
  • Racking
  • Play areas
  • Shopping trolley bays
  • Exhibition/display stands
  • Market Stalls
  • Awnings
  • Car Ports
  • Handing rails
  • Shelving
  • Bike racks
  • Benches
  • Animal enclosures

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Additional information

1.5 Metres

Size 1 – 26.9 O/D – 3/4″ NB, Size 2 – 33.7 O/D – 1″ NB, Size 3 – 42.4 – O/D 1’1/4″ NB, Size 4 – 48.3 O/D – 1’1/2″ NB, Size 5 – 60.3 O/D – 2″ NB

Galvanised Handrail

Galvanised Pipe - 1.5 Metre Length
Handrail Size RefTube Diameter (O/D)Nominal Bore (Approx)Weight Per Metre (kg)
126.9mm3/4"1.59 kg
233.7mm1"2.46 kg
342.4mm1'1/4"3.17 kg
448.3mm1'1/2"3.65 kg
560.3mm2"5.17 kg

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