Check out our range of handrails!

Hi everyone Product highlighting time Check out our range of handrails. hashtag#sustainability Our newest addition to the Proteus fittings collection is our Outdoor handrails. These are ideal for use on steps in your garden or steps leading up to an outside entrance. They are of high quality and are also [...]

Check out our reinforced PVC hosepipes!

Hi everyone! Product highlighting time PVC reinforced hose pipe - Ideal to convey many liquids and gases under pressure. Smooth bore ensures optimum flow and excellent transparency to help locate blockages. It offers good resistance to a wide range of chemicals. It is non-toxic which is suitable for food use. This is industrial [...]

Happy new year from Proteus Fittings!

Happy new year everyone! From the team here at Proteus Fittings we hope you all had a good celebration with whatever company you had with you. Just a reminder that we will be back open to public and trade as normal from the 3rd of January at the normal time [...]