Check out our extended PVC range!

Extending on from our offerings on our website regarding our PVC plastic pipe connectors and fittings we also do an extended range available on our ebay page! PVC is one of the most widely used plastics in general industry and hence has many applications. PVC is lightweight and easy to [...]

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Some of you may have noticed that we have sent out an email to you regarding an update to some of our products and services. We are working hard towards providing better communication to our customers in particular our online ones to help provide a better service in the [...]

Check out our range of outdoor handrails!

Product showcase time! alongside our outdoor handrail range we currently have a range of items including mobility handrails designed to make your life easier and more accessible. As a small family run business established for over 25 years we have been providing industrial product solutions for quite some time, this [...]

A link to our range of outdoor tables

You know that we do dining/outdoor tables? Well how about coffee tables as well! Galvanised steel material made in our worktop right here in the UK Adjustable central metal pipe so can be used as a footrest item as comprised of galvanised steel can vary in appearance but not [...]

Check out our outdoor tables!

Hi Everyone, hope you've been enjoying the weather lately And what better way to enjoy it with our range of outdoor tables listed in our previous posts! On top of this we would welcome any recommendations to improvements to our products and services, including recommendations on products to stock, services [...]

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Take a look at our new PVC and ABS ranges!

Hi Everyone! Did you know we do a range of PVC and ABS plastics? Most of which are amongst the cheapest on the internet? PVCU is one of the most widely used materials for pipe installations. It is highly suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Due to a smooth bore, [...]