Tube Clamp Galvanising Spray

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Tube Clamp Galvanising Spray

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When applied to a clean surface this zinc based Tube Clamp Galvanising Sprayprovides an anti-corrosion protection and is recommended for use on Tube Clamp / Q Clamp Grub Screws and thread for outdoor installations.

PLEASE NOTE; Always follow directions for use on Tube Clamp Galvanising Spray can

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AKS 1-2, AKS 3-4-5

Galvanised Handrail

Tube Clamp Galvanising Spray
Handrail Size RefTube Diameter (O/D)Nominal Bore (Approx)Weight Per Metre (kg)
126.9mm3/4"1.59 kg
233.7mm1"2.46 kg
342.4mm1'1/4"3.17 kg
448.3mm1'1/2"3.65 kg
560.3mm2"5.17 kg

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