Brass Pipe Fittings / Brassware

Brass Pipe Fittings, Stop Cocks, Brass Valves and more

Brass Pipe Fittings and Brassware / Stop Cocks, Brass Valves and more
Brass Pipe Fittings Product Information

Proteus Fittings Ltd stock a comprehensive range of Imperial and Metric Brass Pipe Fittings or more commonly Brassware are tough brass pipe fittings to connect, control or adapt the flow of air, gas or liquid through brass, copper and iron pipes. Brass Pipe fittings can provide strength, durability and resistance to corrosion from water, heat, acids, minerals and peaty soils. Brass pipe fittings can be used for industrial and residential plumbing applications. Our range of Brass Pipe Fittings includes, nipples, tees, bushings, couplings, plugs and a whole lot more, all in a wide range of and to fit brass pipe sizes.

Our Brass Pipe Fittings / Brassware Fittings range includes:

Brass Bibtaps

Brass Gas Test Nipple

Brass Stop Cocks

Brass Clips and Munson Rings and much more

We also stock a selection of Brassware / Brass Valves including:

Brass Ball and Float Valves (available with plastic or copper float)

Compression Valves

Ballofix Valves

Double Check or Single Check Brass Valves

More information and enquiries

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